Good Good Good is extremely excited to have showcased its first runway collection at the recent Lexus SA Menswear Week AW17 Collection. The collection features a standalone Good Good Good collection as well as a collaborative capsule with the very talented Cape Town artist, David Brits

For the collaboration, Brits created a series of all-over prints and graphics inspired by snakes and reptiles. A large portion of Brits’ recent body of art revolves around exploring the life of his late grandfather, John Wood, who was one of South Africa’s most prominent reptile experts, snake catchers and snake show-men. Over a period of sixty years Wood caught thousands of snakes, spiders, scorpions, lizards and frogs for both medical research and the development of snake and spider anti venoms.

“After I received the call to showcase at SA Menswear Week, I decided that part of my collection should involve collaboration with a South African artist,” said Daniel Sher, Founder and Creative Director of Good Good Good. “ Even though we had not yet met, I had been admiring David Brits’ work for some time.  Then after David’s solo exhibition at The Hazard Gallery in Johannesburg, I reached out to the director of The Cosmopolitan, Jonathan Freemantle, who very kindly put us in touch. David was instantly enthusiastic to collaborate on the capsule and he has maintained this attitude throughout our period of working together. It’s been inspiring to collaborate very closely with someone who is so passionate and hard working, and it amazes me that he does this all while wearing a big and genuine smile.”

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