I am very honoured to be featured on My Day With, a project by French photographer and filmmaker, Bony Ska, and writer and photographer, Catherine Rudolph. My Day With, Catherine and Bony spend a day in the life of a person they choose. They follow them around, documenting the process using writing, film photography and video. The results are an in-depth article about the chosen character, a series of images and an accompanying short film.

For my  My Day With, I took Bony and Catherine to the house where I grew up near Kommetjie, then my studio in the Cape Town CBD.

You can see the full article, images and video here.

In the past few years, David has had three exhibitions in which he drew on his own family history to explore the faux pas of white masculinity. As he says, being a young white male in South Africa today comes with a heavy cultural inheritance. In both society and the media, the white male is often – and not unjustly – characterised as the oppressor, the supremacist. While history holds much evidence for these labels, if one happens to be a young white man in South Africa, it is a dark cloud that can hang over one’s head. So David began a quest to “make peace with being a man.”


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