The South African multi-medium, interdisciplinary artist, David Brits, renders his signature graphic, snake-like patterns into sculpture in his latest series, Ouroboros. These free-standing carbon fibre artworks form an unbroken, seamless line twisting in space, a world first for the medium and sculpture.

“This body of work lies at the intersection between art, innovative 3D technology and breakthroughs in modern material processes. It is the culmination of two years of prototyping and research,” says Brits.

The form of the sculptures evoke the Ouroboros, an ancient, perennial symbol depicting a snake devouring its own tail. Archetypally, the symbol represents the self-contained primordial unity. Constantly re-creating itself, the sculptures go to the essence of what it means to see and perceive.

Carbon fibre is one of the fruits of our technological evolution. When raw carbon fibre is combined with plastic resin it forms a carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer composite with properties far greater than the sum of its parts. Once cured it is eleven times stronger than steel.


Videographer: Tariq Munshi

Editor: Bony Ska

Sound: Keith Virgo

Technical Assistance: Gordon Inggs

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